Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tis the Season

The ward party tonight was great! My apologies to those who missed it. Good food, good friends, and good music. The activities committee did a great job putting it together. One of the highlights of the night was the ugly sweater contest. There was a lot of ugly sweaters, but only one winner.
Doesn't Danny look great!
The food was Delicious! A big thanks goes out to the chefs of the ward
Aren't they the cutest people you ever did see!?

Miguel can't get enough of the food!
All in all tonight was a huge success thanks to a lot of people. Enjoy the pictures!
The band was great!
Thanks Activities committee for finding them

I think we need another talent show! We've got some
great dancers!
Jordan keeps asking me to take his picture...
I think he likes his face a little to much ;)
The night ended with a message from the bishop. That man is truly inspired. Here's a little message from me however.
My life is very dear to me. Six years to the date I sat in the hospital on my death bed. I was released 3 days before Christmas due to some INCREDIBLE doctors. There's a lot of things, I realized during that time, I can live without, but there's one thing that I'll always want forever. My family. At this Christmas time, remember, it's not the gifts and presents that we need to worry about, we already have a fabulous gift! We're alive. Don't ever take that for granted. Take this time during the holidays to spend it with your families, get to know them better then you ever have before, and remember we wouldn't be here without our Savior! I love all your cute faces! Even yours Jordan! I love to see how happy you are each week. I hope you all have a great Christmas!
Happy Holidays from your Historian,

Racha Smach