Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tell me what you think?

This is just a thought, and maybe it's a little far out, but I've been in the ward for over 6 months now and I still don't know A LOT  of the ward. I was thinkng it might be nice to start spotlighting people here on the blog. It's a good way to get to know each other and maybe advertise for some dating. However, if this is going to happen, we need the whole wards help! Tell me what you think. All six of you that follow this...
Lots of love from your historian,

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who woulda thunk?

I don't know if anyone else was in shock when the announcement was made that our ward was splitting but between Nathan and I, we had death stares on our faces. We looked at each other and had a sibling telepathic conversation. This is what happened in Nathans head " Rachel! Who's going to teach Sunday School next week? Two of the teachers just moved to a new ward!" This is what went through my head "We're putting the other wards to shame with our numbers..." however, because both of us knew it was what the lord wanted, we made the decision to sustain the new ward. I have a confession. I have never had a problem sustaining anyone in a calling before but Sunday I had extra weight in my arm when I lifted it up. I'm definitely going to miss those that are moving to the new ward. So in honor of those that are leaving, goodbye, keep in touch, best of luck, we love you, keep asking for numbers, and know that we're always like 60 ft away from you when you're in priesthood and relief society!
Lots of love,