Sunday, March 11, 2012

Because you have to start somewhere, right?

Thanks for the feedback on the spotlight idea everyone. I think I'm going to start doing it, but you have to start somewhere right? So where better to start than me I guess. I expect autobiographies to be shooting to my email as soon as I post this though :)
If you haven't met me already, my name is Rachel. If you're a good friend you can call me "Rach" If your a family member you can call me "Babe" and if your one of the few privileged, you can call me " Racha Smach" I work with special needs students on daily basis. I have one of the most rewarding jobs ever. I get to see my students learn independency in everything they do. I get to teach them how to be social, how to take tests, and how to be a responsible adult. I'm currently attending Salt Lake Community College. I'm hoping to get my associates degree and then transfer up to a bigger university. I'm planning on majoring in Elementary education. Only the best profession out there. I love wearing purple, but my favorite color is pink. My weakness? Nutter butters. They can't make enough of those bad boys! My family is everything to me. They're my best friends. Things you might need to know about me:

-If you make popcorn, you better make two bags, I'll probably eat one bag all by myself. I have no shame
-I love movies
-I love pazookies ( giant cookies with ice cream on top)
- My life revolves around food
-I love to water Ski- totally old fashioned but it's legit
-I like hiking to water falls.
-I love Harry Potter. JK Rowling is a genius
I realize this was a long post. My apologies. I hope it was some what enjoyable though.
Lots of love,

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  1. A great start! It's funny that you apologized for it being long, though, because I was thinking it was kind of short...:P